Tzu-hui Celina Hung received her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Stony Brook University and is now a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor in Asian Languages and Cultures. Her intellectual interests engage the questions of ethnic and postcolonial studies in a comparative framework, particularly through the lens of modern Asian migrations. Her book project, Living with, among, and as Others: Creolizing Transpacific Chinese Diaspora, theorizes the capacity of creolization to articulate interethnic Chinese connections beyond the current paradigms of nationality, Sino-centrism, bloodline, and linguistic hegemony. Studying both Anglophone and Sinophone articulations of creolized Chinese subjectivities in film, literature, and magazine within the contexts of Singapore at the turn of the 20th century, postcolonial Philippines and Malaysia, and contemporary Asian America, the project examines the networking strategies shaping the “Chinese among others” during and after the age of global migrations and colonialisms. Besides the book endeavor, she also writes on multiculturalism in Asia and queer diasporas. In Winter 2012 she will be teaching Sinophone literature for Asian Languages and Cultures, highlighting writings from Taiwan, Hong Kong, U.S. and Malaysia. In Spring 2012 she will teach a course on transoceanic encounters in light of Asian migrations, cross-listed with Comparative Literature.