Spring 2013

Anita Wheeler

“Variable Topics Seminar– The Rising Powers: Brazil, Russia, India and China”
Global Studies 188B
Brazil, Russia, India, China and arguably South Africa have shifted power in the international system away from the G7 countries. This seminar course will address this shift and situate it within wider debates and processes around the changing nature of the international system, the politics of development, and the political relations of ‘South-South’ globalization.

Chase Smith

“Race and Sexuality in Literature from the American Renaissance to the Harlem Renaissance”
English M101B/Gender Studies M105B/LGBTS M101B
This course will investigate how race and sexuality are represented in U.S. literature from the American Renaissance through the Harlem Renaissance (1830s-1930s). We will approach literature as an important arena for reflecting on the conditions of social life for those marked as racial and sexual outsiders. Our readings of novels, poems, and short stories from across this period will especially focus on how the divisions between “white” and “black” as well as “heterosexual” and “homosexual” become established and also change significantly over time. The goal of this course is not to transpose present-day “queer” identities onto this literary archive, its authors, or its subjects. Instead, we will consider how literature written from the antebellum through the Jim Crow eras narrate desires, behaviors, embodiments, and practices that reveal and disrupt social norms in some way. Authors may include: Walt Whitman, Herman Melville, Harriet Jacobs, Mark Twain, Pauline Hopkins, Langston Hughes, and Nella Larson.