Kris Manjapra completed his dissertation in the Harvard History Department in June 2007. A student of modern intellectual history from a transnational perspective, his fundamental interest is in how genealogies of thought develop within global arenas, and amongst entangled histories. Kris Manjapra┬╣s research deals on modern South Asian and modern German thought, anti-colonial cosmopolitanisms of the interwar years, South Asian diasporic nationalism, the disenchantment of the world in Germany, and the modernist discourses that bridged the colonial divide and occupied colonial and European thinkers alike. His theoretical interests are in hermeneutics and postcolonial historiography. He has published an article on the travels of Indian anti-colonial thinkers to WWI Germany in the Journal of Global History (November 2006), and he is currently working on his book manuscript on Cosmopolitan Encounter between Indian Revolutionaries and German Radicals, 1905-1939. Kris currently serves as an Assistant Professor of History at Tufts University.