Elsa earned her Ph.D. in Art History from the University of Leeds, UK. Her dissertation examined overlooked art exhibitions held since 1993 to commemorate the February 28 Incident, a massacre that occurred in 1947. The commemorations of the Incident in general were instrumental in laying the foundation for new Taiwanese nation building, which is claimed by some to have worsened already conflicted relations in Taiwan as well as in the troubled Pacific region dominated by China, Japan, and the US. Her postdoctoral research investigated how works by renowned contemporary immigrant Chinese American artists migrate transnationally in terms of their aesthetics, cultural signification, historical situations, and cultural reception. She is also initiated a research project with Prof. Griselda Pollock on how European and North American feminisms and feminist art histories have been encountered in Asian art worlds. Elsa currently serves an Assistant Professor of Art History at National Yangming University, Taiwan.